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Henderson mom lives with cockroaches, can’t break lease. (FOX5)

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HENDERSON (FOX5) — Valley mom of three Catherine Meyers told FOX5 she has been living with a cockroach infestation inside her Henderson apartment.

“It’s been horrible,” Myers said. “They come out of the outlets, the dish washer, and my freezer.”

The bugs have crawled on to her sleeping children too, Myers said.

Myers said she noticed the problem several weeks after she moved in to the Villa Serena apartments near Gibson and Warm Springs in March 2018. She asked to move units then eventually asked to break her lease.

“I was told I couldn’t legally so I’ve been here and doing treatments every month,” Myers said.

After interviewing Myers, another tenant approached FOX5 and said she is also experiencing a cockroach problem inside her unit.

Myers’ lease ends this April.

“The land lord has an obligation to remedy that,” real estate attorney Dale Kleven said.

Kleven told FOX5 Nevada allows tenants to break their lease for a range of reasons. Nevada Revised Statute 118 A.355 addresses a failure on the part of a land lord to maintain decent living conditions.

“But get ready for the battle," Kleven said. “[Land lords] can sue you. They have a lot more time to litigate cases.”

FOX5 went to the leasing office twice at 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. but the door was locked. The station called and emailed the property manager but did not hear back before this report.

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