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Henderson, Nevada is the second largest city in Nevada and it is quickly growing in popularity. People are drawn to the city because of its beauty, proximity to the outdoors, and its low cost of living. Henderson is a safe and beautiful city which makes it the perfect place to raise kids.

There are so many things to do in Henderson with your kids, but you have to be prepared in the summer because the temperature is often over 100 degrees. Thankfully there are lots of places to take your kids shopping that are air conditioned and comfortable. Henderson has a huge toy shop that is thousands of square feet. Your kids will have a blast exploring all the different toys in the store. They will be occupied and you can enjoy the air conditioned store.

Henderson also has many city parks. In fact it has over 52 parks, 7 rec centers, and 11 pools. Even better, many of the playgrounds are partially covered so there are places to get away from the sun. There are lots of trails and places to walk and quite a few of the parks offer splash stations and water structures that the kids can cool off in.

Henderson has six public libraries and they all offer special programs for the kids. They have story time and craft time, and the kids can also listen to music. Henderson also has miniature golf courses and water parks for the kids, though you have to pay a fee for admission. Thankfully, Henderson has many activities that you can do for free with your kids.

There are so many different parks to explore that you are going to have a hard time visiting them all. You could start off your afternoon with a visit to the park and end it with a visit to the library. There are so many affordable activities that are not going to destroy your pocketbook in Henderson.

Henderson isn’t too crowded, and it is safe. Your kids will enjoy just being kids and you won’t have to worry about trying to shield them from crime or other problems. Henderson is a great place to just relax and enjoy yourself without having to worry about a lot of hassles. Henderson has more than enough to offer families and the public school system is good as well. Henderson is a great place to live.

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